Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well, I have been a busy little scrapper !! I have just participated in my very first Cyber Crop !! It was totally exciting and very challenging ! I did it with 'Scrap of Difference', if you have not seen the site, head on over to and check it out, one of the best places I've seen on the net !!

So here's what I did, the overall subject was 'New Beginnings', I completed the Colour Challenge, the Card Challenge, the Word Challenge, the Sketch Challenge and my 4 yr old did the Kids Challenge !! So here's what I came up with :

Card Challenge

Colour Challenge, Black, White and Green.

Sketch Challenge

Word Challenge 'New'
Thanks ...


  1. All gorgeous layouts Michelle! Thanks so much for joining us for cybercrop, it was fabulous having some new talent to inspire us.

  2. Great to see you joining in Michelle.
    Must locate Abundantias Gold one day..... never been there only seen them at the scrapbook fairs. Should make a day of scrapbook stores on that side of town cos there sure is not many left over north side of town.

  3. There is not a lot south either, years ago when I used to scrap, there was a popular one on north east rd ? called scrapbook lane ? I could be totally wrong with the name .. is that still there.

    There is a shop down at Pt Elliott, which I'd like to go have a look at, one day !

  4. Fabulous work there Michelle...must check out that site now!!

  5. Are you ready ? LO won for color challenge !!